Apple iPhone 5 Rumor Frenzy in Full Swing

The Apple iPhone 5 is, according to a leak from Foxconn China, about to hit the production line. It has also been leaked that it will be shipped in the summer of 2012. But how do you determine which rumors are to be believed and which are a load of baloney? According to and other sources, there are at least six rumors that have a grain of truth to them and will probably make it into the iPhone 5 in some shape or form.
 Partnership with LG
 Apple has recently partnered up with LG to design the 3.5-inch screens in the iPhone 4 and 4S. As technology advances, the screen size has been increasing gradually in the various iterations of the iPhone, so it should not be surprising that the next version of the iPhone will have a greater screen size that hits the 4-inch mark which LG has been developing.

The iPhone 4S did not ship with the latest 4G Internet technology, because at this time it still uses a lot of power and significantly makes it harder for the phone to remain charged for extended periods of time. But as 4G LTE technology has advance, its power requirements have also decreased, which is good news for the iPhone 5.

The new Apple A6 processor
Since the iPad 3 will be using this newly designed chip, code named “Rogue”. ST-Ericsson, Texas Instruments and MediaTek are the three licensees of the GPU built into the chip and according to recent patent filings, it will have 9 times the graphics performance of the A5 chipset, which is a dual-core gigahertz CPU paired up with a PowerVR SGX543MP2 GPU. High Definition movies and the latest video games will probably become a reality on your iPhone 5.

New look
Just before he tragically passed, Steve Jobs revealed in his biography that he was working on the new design of the iPhone 5. It will be similar in appearance to the new metal look of the iPad 2 and will have a larger screen. It is also likely that the device will be much thinner than previous iterations of the iPhone.

Near field communication
This technology is undoubtedly going to make it into the iPhone 5, or at least into a later update very soon. Recently developed, it allows smart phones and other devices to instantly connect with each other and exchange data simply by touching them together or bringing them within a few inches of each other. Ideally this will allow easy sharing of media, data transfer as well as other features such as digital signing and acceptance of contracts, or even paying for purchases if an NFC receiver device is installed (and likely will be) in stores in the future.

iOS 6?
It is without a doubt that the new iPhone 5 will use the same operating system as the latest iPad and iPod touch, however, it has been noted that there are a lot of features that the Google Android Galaxy Nexus’ operating system handles a lot better. We know that Apple is furiously working on the iOS6, but whether or not it will be ready for the iPhone 5 is anyone’s guess — however, it is long overdue!

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