iPhone 5 Product Specifications

iPhone 5 Product Specifications Leaked by Foxconn


Very recently, the iPhone 5, slated for release in the summer, has had some
of its product specifications and information leaked by a Foxconn China
employee. In addition to this, some other information was leaked by
Cincinnati Bell when a webpage was discovered by researchers that should
not have been accessible by the public.

What do we know about the iPhone 5?

So what is the latest info about the next generation of the hugely popular
iPhone? First off, the iPhone 5 will have 32 GB of space. In addition to the
above, it will most likely cost around $639 as well as having a 4-inch
display reportedly created by LG. It will also use the new 4G speeds that
have been developed for accessing the Internet over a mobile connection.

What operating system will it use?

Without a doubt, Apple will be installing their latest iOS 5 operating system
for the soon-to-be-released iPhone. The product comes with over 200 new
features, some of which are:

Notification center — a central place to keep track of all your notifications
across all the apps that you use. Some of the possible notifications that can
be tracked are new email, texts, friend requests from your buddy lists,
Facebook and a host of others. It will also be extremely easy to interact with
notifications as soon as they come up.

iMessage — any user of any iOS5 device will be able to use this new
application that will allow them to chat over the network. iPad, iPod touch
and iPhone users will be able to collaborate while they are using their
devices. The program will allow photos, videos, contacts, locations to be
sent across the network and will also enable voice chat and video chat.

Newstand — a basic newsreader program that keeps all of your magazine,
newspaper and journal subscriptions in one place. You can manage all your
subscriptions and even add RSS feeds so you can follow blogs and other
frequent updates in whatever field you are interested in.

Twitter — the platform is now integrated fully into iOS5, which means that
iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users will be able to update their feeds instantly
at any time. Also adds the ability to attach and integrate other services to
your Tweets, such as Safari, Photos, Camera, YouTube or Maps.

Fully touch-driven camera controls — pinch-to-zoom gestures, singe-tap
focus and direct use of the camera app straight from the Lock screen are just
a few of the innovative ways that Apple has upgraded this module. You will
also be able to stream photos directly into iCloud to update across your
various sites.

PC Free — perhaps the most refreshing and innovative feature, you no
longer need a computer of any sort for all iOS5 devices. You can activate
and set up your device wirelessly just after it is shipped and you will be able
to download all updates directly to your new iPhone 5.

(source :http://iphone6fan.com/ )

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