iPhone 6 Rumors: Enhancements on Touch Stone Technology & Anticipated Release Dates

Pre-owners of Apple iPhones will already know all about TouchStone.  It’s basically a dock that makes use of magnetic induction for smart phone charging.  The phone is simply placed on the dock and starts to charges – no extra plug or cable hassle involved. Pull off the smart phone and it stops – simple. The iPhone 6 is rumored to have charging facilities that will no longer require a dock either. Wireless charging capabilities are supposedly in the talks.
For now, at least, just take iPhone 6 rumors with a big grain of salt to calm your nerves. It’s still pretty early to accurately decide whether these rumors have any weight at all. Real news on the iPhone 6 will only be found out once the iPhone 5 has been in the market for some time.

Expected Release Date for iPhone 6

After making Apple users the world over wait for it all summer, it would be a terrible nightmare for the millions of excited iPhone users if they pushed iPhone 5’s launch date into 2012. Imagine how disappointed you’d be if they decided to serve up an average ‘bridging’ iPhone 4S in the mean time to pacify customers for the holiday seasons. Many feel that they’ve already waited far too long for iPhone 5 and are about to lose their patience. Wait… Don’t throw yourself over that cliff just yet. Relax. Only 1-2 corners of the tech world have been echoing this anticipated scenario, so it’s nothing to worry about (for now, anyway). They’ve lack the evidence to back it till now though. However, this scenario could still be worth contemplating. How bad would it get for Apple and its customer if the iPhone 5 release was pushed to 2012.

June 2012 – iPhone 6 Release Date

On the other hand, numerous rumors have been doing the rounds that the iPhone 6 will be launched in June 2012. So, you’ve got both sides of the story to be prepared for. It could go downhill from here or be totally on the up and up. No confirmations of an exact date have been disclosed by the company itself. All speculations are just that – rumors. Excitement over new versions of the groundbreaking iPhone from Apple is generating more and more iPhone 5 and iPhone 6 rumors every day. Tech geeks are scrambling to find out the next scoop. Let’s hope Apple launches the new iPhones with a  bang, just like the 4th generation iPhone did and fails to impress no one with its innovative new and sleeker technology. For now, however, the iPhone madness will continue till any future news on the iPhone is disclosed by the top-secret developers at Apple.

(source : http://iphone6fan.com)

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