Will iPhone 5 Meet Its Expectations?

Much has been said and written about the upcoming iPhone 5 smart phone by Apple. While there might not be any official declaration on the launch of this phone, speculations are quite high. Rumors that this new iPhone will launch in June this year are sending waves across the globe, making more and more people build their expectations for the new Apple gadget, as well as stay tuned to the latest iPhone 5 news.
Apple has always been a pioneer of innovations. The SIRI application introduced by Apple in its iPhone 4S model has only proved the proficiency of the company in innovating technologies that have made telecommunication wonderful. With this SIRI application, Apple has, in fact, set a benchmark for itself. This is, perhaps, the reason why people are expecting a lot more from the next-to-be launched iPhone.
iPhone 5 news reveals the most talked about features that are expected to be present in the iPhone 5 smart phone by Apple

Let’s have a look at those:

  1. iPhone 5 will offer a larger screen for a better viewing experience:
There has been iPhone 5 news floating about this soon-to-be launched iPhone. It is believed to feature a distinctively larger screen which will provide a 4 inch display. The prior models of iPhone have all featured a 3.5 inch display screen, which was quite applauded. A 4 inch screen will only make iPhone truly undisputable.
  1. iPhone 5 might come in a new shape:
While the screen display size will supposedly be larger, there is also speculation that the shape of the iPhone might change. As per authentic sources, all the new iPhone 5 models that have been developed have different body shapes than the present iPhone series. The new iPhone will not be in a teardrop shape, as speculated by the early rumors, but you are still going to love the new look and feel of the soon-to-be-released iPhone 5.
  1. iPhone 5 will come with a thinner battery:
Most people who have used the iPhone 4 were hoping that the next version of iPhone will be thinner and lighter in weight. This was thought to be slightly difficult, considering its battery requirements. However, recent reports have disclosed that Apple might manufacture a battery that will be much thinner than the one that has been used till date. This will make it quite convenient for the iPhone 5 and the iPad 3 to be a lot thinner than the previous models of iPhones.
  1. iPhone 5 will come with enhanced LTE:
The LTE or the Long Term Evolution is considered to be a new technology that will provide higher bandwidths, making your phone’s internet connect in a jiffy. With the new iPhone 5 expected to have enhanced LTE, you can only imagine the speed at which you can stay connected!
  1. Lytro Sensor in iPhone 5 will give taking pictures a whole new meaning:
Your photography experience will get a new high with this new technology in iPhone 5. This new technology is said to allow you to take pictures just about anywhere, letting you focus anything on the screen later on. This will give you the liberty to click the picture, without having to worry about the focus.
If you are so looking forward to the launch of the new iPhone, it is quite obvious that you will expect a lot better prospects from this phone, than the iPhone 4 series. However, only time will tell how iPhone 5 will put up with people’s expectations!

iPhone 5 Product Specifications Leaked by Foxconn

Very recently, the iPhone 5, slated for release in the summer, has had some
of its product specifications and information leaked by a Foxconn China
employee. In addition to this, some other information was leaked by
Cincinnati Bell when a webpage was discovered by researchers that should
not have been accessible by the public.

What do we know about the iPhone 5?

So what is the latest info about the next generation of the hugely popular
iPhone? First off, the iPhone 5 will have 32 GB of space. In addition to the
above, it will most likely cost around $639 as well as having a 4-inch
display reportedly created by LG. It will also use the new 4G speeds that
have been developed for accessing the Internet over a mobile connection.

What operating system will it use?

Without a doubt, Apple will be installing their latest iOS 5 operating system
for the soon-to-be-released iPhone. The product comes with over 200 new
features, some of which are:

Notification center — a central place to keep track of all your notifications
across all the apps that you use. Some of the possible notifications that can
be tracked are new email, texts, friend requests from your buddy lists,
Facebook and a host of others. It will also be extremely easy to interact with
notifications as soon as they come up.

iMessage — any user of any iOS5 device will be able to use this new
application that will allow them to chat over the network. iPad, iPod touch
and iPhone users will be able to collaborate while they are using their
devices. The program will allow photos, videos, contacts, locations to be
sent across the network and will also enable voice chat and video chat.

Newstand — a basic newsreader program that keeps all of your magazine,
newspaper and journal subscriptions in one place. You can manage all your
subscriptions and even add RSS feeds so you can follow blogs and other
frequent updates in whatever field you are interested in.

Twitter — the platform is now integrated fully into iOS5, which means that
iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users will be able to update their feeds instantly
at any time. Also adds the ability to attach and integrate other services to
your Tweets, such as Safari, Photos, Camera, YouTube or Maps.

Fully touch-driven camera controls — pinch-to-zoom gestures, singe-tap
focus and direct use of the camera app straight from the Lock screen are just
a few of the innovative ways that Apple has upgraded this module. You will
also be able to stream photos directly into iCloud to update across your
various sites.

PC Free — perhaps the most refreshing and innovative feature, you no
longer need a computer of any sort for all iOS5 devices. You can activate
and set up your device wirelessly just after it is shipped and you will be able
to download all updates directly to your new iPhone 5.
iPhone 5

Apple iPhone 5 Rumor Frenzy in Full Swing

The Apple iPhone 5 is, according to a leak from Foxconn China, about to hit the production line. It has also been leaked that it will be shipped in the summer of 2012. But how do you determine which rumors are to be believed and which are a load of baloney? According to www.gottabemobile.com and other sources, there are at least six rumors that have a grain of truth to them and will probably make it into the iPhone 5 in some shape or form.
 Partnership with LG
 Apple has recently partnered up with LG to design the 3.5-inch screens in the iPhone 4 and 4S. As technology advances, the screen size has been increasing gradually in the various iterations of the iPhone, so it should not be surprising that the next version of the iPhone will have a greater screen size that hits the 4-inch mark which LG has been developing.

The iPhone 4S did not ship with the latest 4G Internet technology, because at this time it still uses a lot of power and significantly makes it harder for the phone to remain charged for extended periods of time. But as 4G LTE technology has advance, its power requirements have also decreased, which is good news for the iPhone 5.

The new Apple A6 processor
Since the iPad 3 will be using this newly designed chip, code named “Rogue”. ST-Ericsson, Texas Instruments and MediaTek are the three licensees of the GPU built into the chip and according to recent patent filings, it will have 9 times the graphics performance of the A5 chipset, which is a dual-core gigahertz CPU paired up with a PowerVR SGX543MP2 GPU. High Definition movies and the latest video games will probably become a reality on your iPhone 5.

New look
Just before he tragically passed, Steve Jobs revealed in his biography that he was working on the new design of the iPhone 5. It will be similar in appearance to the new metal look of the iPad 2 and will have a larger screen. It is also likely that the device will be much thinner than previous iterations of the iPhone.

Near field communication
This technology is undoubtedly going to make it into the iPhone 5, or at least into a later update very soon. Recently developed, it allows smart phones and other devices to instantly connect with each other and exchange data simply by touching them together or bringing them within a few inches of each other. Ideally this will allow easy sharing of media, data transfer as well as other features such as digital signing and acceptance of contracts, or even paying for purchases if an NFC receiver device is installed (and likely will be) in stores in the future.

iOS 6?
It is without a doubt that the new iPhone 5 will use the same operating system as the latest iPad and iPod touch, however, it has been noted that there are a lot of features that the Google Android Galaxy Nexus’ operating system handles a lot better. We know that Apple is furiously working on the iOS6, but whether or not it will be ready for the iPhone 5 is anyone’s guess — however, it is long overdue!

Sony Releases New iPhone 5 Camera Sensor RGBW

After reading much of the news about the iPhone 5, and its impending features consumers are beginning to become very excited. You’ll soon be even more excited to know that Sony just revealed the next generation iPhone 5 camera sensor! The iPhone 5 will be quite evolved when compared to the current iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S.
These new sensors created by Sony are “back illuminated stacked CMOS image sensors” which are optimized for both bright and low light conditions. The newly released sensors are much quicker than their predecessors in the iPhone 4S, but also consume much less power. These new sensors will be available in both 8 and 13 megapixel ranges, and are also to be equipped with RGBW Coding and High Dynamic Range Movie abilities.
Sony iPhone RGBW Camera Sensors
Cameras in current iPhone generations feature just RGB capabilities, so the addition of the “W” (for white) is a new thing. The “W” was added because the new sensors add white pixels which end up improving the cameras sensitivity to certain conditions. Unlike current sensors, no modifications to signal processing will occur so that this new technology can function properly.
We are expecting the iPhone 5 to be released sometime in the summer of 2012, so things should definitely be interesting folks!

iPhone 6 by Christmas 2012?

So if there’s one thing that everybody wants to know about the upcoming gadgets, it’s when we are going to be able to walk into the stores and buy them. Yep, the release date is easily one of the biggest pats of marketing a new cell phone, and Apple knows exactly how to make the most of this. Not long ago, we were still speculating on when the iPhone 5 was going to be released, and pretty much everybody unanimously agreed that we would see it announced by the end of the year, with an early 2012 release date at the latest.
Since then, however, things have changed a little bit and we are now working with a slightly different scenario. As we are sure you already know, the next iPhone is not going to be the iPhone 5, but rather the iPhone 4S. While this phone is undoubtedly very cool and will be able to benefit lots of different people, it does bring the release date of the iPhone 6 back into jeopardy. Those with the ability to count correctly will be able to tell you that the iPhone 5 will have to make its debut before we can even start thinking about the iPhone 6 release date. And with the introduction of the 4S, this makes doing that a little tricky.
However, there are some things that we can do to get a little bit of an edge on when the iPhone 5 will come out (information we can use to determine the 6’s release date). Historically, you can see that an iPhone came out about once a year, in summer, with the exception of this newest addition. If you add up all the time in between each iPhone’s respective release date, then you would get a timespan of around 12 months (actually a little longer). So if Apple is to stay in true fashion with their iPhone release schedule as they have in the past, there is almost no hope for an iPhone 6 in 2012. With the 4S coming out October 17, that means the iPhone 5 is statistically supposed to come out late October 2012. While the possibility of Apple throwing in the iPhone 6 between then and Christmas 2012 is certainly there, it is almost non-existent.
So this would lead us to our next question which would be if we aren’t getting an iPhone 6 by Christmas 2012, then when can we expect it by? We can get an estimate by doing the same thing that we did to guess the 5’s release date. Add the average timespan in between iPhone release dates to the iPhone 5 release date and voila! We have the iPhone 6 release date at late September 2013. This is of course if everything goes according to plan from here on out, and doesn’t take into consideration production delays, or the possibility

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of an iPhone 5S. However, when you look at the statistics, it is a surprisingly effective way to gauge when the release date may be.
So mark your calendars for a whole 2 years from now, because that is when we can expect to see the 6th installment of the famed iPhone lineup.

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